How to Improve Your Communication at Point of Sale (POS) with Digital Posters

How to Improve Your Communication at Point of Sale (POS) with Digital Posters
16. 10. 2018

How to Improve Your Communication at Point of Sale (POS) with Digital Posters

Digital communication at the point of sale (POS) being built on “digital posters” so called also digital signage devices, public displays, large format displays in general screens at the appropriate closures or holders bring you these new opportunities.

Digital posters have the following benefits:

  • Show more – Do you have 10 products or multiple campaigns that you need to share in the same moment? With “paper” you will always find limited space. With the “digital” screen, you will gradually display all you need. In addition, the content can also be changed in time – in the morning, at the weekend, when it rains etc., and so you can communicate with your target group more closely and according to the current customer needs. As a results you plan and manage your campaigns as you do with Google Ads and other online advertising systems.
  • Be quick – From the initial idea to content display in hundreds of stores, it can take several minutes, not weeks as it is with paper promotion. Once you have a finished visual, animation, or video, you can easily upload this content to your device via USB, Ethernet cable or WiFi. It is so easy to come out of the already prepared graphics for “online” advertising and to be consistent in communication both in and out of the shop. Everything in few minutes.
  • Tell better – Unlike paper, animation of pictures or videos will attract more attention. They can also describe the whole story to express the emotions or explain the added value of new or complex services and products.
  • Measure  – You can measure the performance of digital posters in a similar way as you are used to from the online advertising. If the posters are interactive, the analogy with CPM and CPC online ad models is even closer.

Straightforward Customer Journey

How does a customer journey lead through the digital posters at point of sale ?  Check possibilities for 3 different situations – outside, inside and at the events.

Outside – Drag customers to the shop – via outdoor screens at entrance totems, increased or high brightness screens in your store’s shop windows, a-boards near the entrances or e.g. electric vehical chargers at your parking slots.

Inside – Shop premises will always be limited. The interactive digital posters placed at the store makes whatever content available for customers and/or your sales staff. See more at How to Improve „Marketing – Sales“ Cooperation with Digital Posters . Digital posters can also promote unlimited count of news at a single area. If  you need the content that explains the added value to be shown near brand new products or just up-to-date price information, small screen or tablet at the approriate holders can be the solution.

At the Fairs and Events – Do you visit exhibitions or organize customer events? Do you have a 5×2 meter stand, 20 products you want to present and 1000 others in the portfolio? No problem. Display your e-shop or PDF catalog in interactive manner or just create a simple slideshow/animation/video and present it to your visitors.

To summarize it, digital posters can improve the efficiency of your communication outside store, inside store, at the fairs and events and also other various situations.

Enhance Your Online Marketing by Digital Posters

It is pretty natural to combine the production of media for both online marketing and digital posters. They are electronic in both cases. You just need to respect their specifics. Video ready for Youtube may be will not work well on 65″ portrait oriented screen while people are passing by in seconds.  It’s underrated opportunity in these days as marketing specialists both on customer side and in markeging agencies, graphical studios, web designers or online advertising agencies could know more about the potential of digital posters. So may be you can be the early adopter and win the spin;-)

Many things can happen in a future if big guys like Google entry the digital POS area…

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