Let Consumers Interact And Win – Gamified Promotions

Let Consumers Interact And Win – Gamified Promotions
17. 10. 2018

The world of online advertising has gone from “banners everywhere” through “only clicks count”  to complex attribution models of communication mix. What if this is to be repeated in the world of digital signage i.e. digital posters?  Can the providers in this area repeat the success of Google Ad(word)s?

Showing the pictures and videos  has been enough in many recents digital posters installation. Nevertheless the interactivity, touch functionality i.e. “clicks”  is clearly visible trend. What does it bring?

How Digital Posters Bring Additional  Value

Let’s image that you have a shopping mall with digital posters.  They promote the content of tenants. At some stage the visitions will come to “banner blindness” phase, they will ignore the content shown. How to get their attention back? What about to enable them e.g. to play games on digital posters? Games which will be still promoting tenants’ goods but with additional value of entertainment. How it could looks like?

Jansen Display Digital - Actionalble Signage - Gamified Promotion - Example Shopping Mall

Gamified Promotion – PEXESO game e.g. at shopping mall, retail store, railway station, doctor’s waiting room…

You Cannot Manage What You Cannot Measure

The important effect of the interactivity is the possibility of performance measurement. People are not just passing the pictures or videos. They interact with the content. And you can measure how. So, for our example, the shoppinng mall can provide its tentants with the innformation

Measuring the Performance of Interactive Digital Posters
Numbes of “Clicks” i.e. Touches to “Get Password” or “Find Stote” Actions

Actionable Signage “Manifesto”

So what are the key rules for this “Actionable Signage” approach?

  1. User must execute actions to step forward in their decisions, which enables to measure the “performance”.
  2. Actions must be rewarded by some value, nobody will execute them otherwise.
  3. Ultimate action is interlink with customer’s phone as it enables continuation of dialogue.
  4. Actions requires interactive devices like totems with touch and other interaction enabling technology.

Actionable signage can bring the new value to customers. It also brings the possibility of better performace measurement. Producing the actionable content requires some additional effort, that’s its minus. Which can pay off pretty quickly, that’s it plus.

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