Automate Processes With Digital Posters – Efficient Payments

Automate Processes With Digital Posters – Efficient Payments
13. 11. 2018

Digital posters, smart screens placed at your premises, have the hidden superpower. They can automate processes in a very radical way.


How can it look like e.g. in catering? McDonalds’s ordering and payment self-service kiosks:

  • shorten the service time,
  • lower the staff requirements and
  • increase customer convenience.

The barrier is that it’s pretty complex and costly project to launch them. Can they be introduced for a “one-tenth” price i.e. much more reachable also for small and medium businessess or completely new businesses?  Sure they can.


  1. Goods or services are shown at digital posters placed near the entrances to the premises like meals and drinks at menuboard. QR codes or other technology like iBeacons/BLE tags or LinkRay are used to transfer the information about selected good into consumers’ mobile phones. Instead of complicated payment terminals and printers , the intelligence moves fully to customers’ cell phones. This reduces both investment and operating costs.
  2. Ordering and payments are fully processed in mobile phones of consumers. Their fuctionality can be easily enhanced during the time, new version is “just” placed at the market places. This increases the flexibility to respond on mapped market needs and minimizes the maintenance costs.
  3. Staff is informed about the order and the payment at various levels of complexity, from a simple message “Amount XYZ was paid, confirmation code is ABC” sent to the mobile phone of the business owner, to complex integration to POS and/or ERP system.

Digital posters in action - You just select the meals and drings at the entrance, confirm the order and the payment at you mobile with no staff assistance needed. Digital posters in action – You just select the meals and drinks at the entrance, confirm the order and the payment at you mobile with no staff assistance needed.


Who shall deliver the payment services for this type of solutions? There are various choices:

  • Standard payment card providers – VISA mpos  Masterpass QR – plus: high penetration, minus: large corporations with limited capability to really innovate,
  • New payment platforms – Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Android Pay etc., plus: early adopters ready to test the new services, minus: various platforms which compete with each other, focus on consumers but not B2B,
  • Independent payments providersTrisbee , RicheeAuka Settle, Revolut and similar apps, plus: flexibility to design the apps in a way to maximize the convenience of use in various scenarios and customer segments, minus: low penetration, low stability.
  • Internet bankings – mobile applications of particular banks, plus: growing penetration, strategic vehicle for customer retention i.e. with focus of C-level guys, minus: limited motivations to create cross-bank functionality for big players, conservative corporations.

How it can work:

  1. You just read the QR code with the identification of the provider, optionally with the amount to be paid and short identification of the goods or services. The right QR codes can be shown at the digital poster or even at the classic paper menu board.
  2. The payment is invoked in a consumer’s mobile phone similarily like a payment at whatever e-shop.
  3. The provider’s mobile phone shows the notification about the payment instantly.

Menu board with QR Codes, items are scanned by mobile app, ordered and paid

The payments can be executed via common card payment gateways used e.g. by e-shops. Intrabank instant payments, SCT Inst  and PSD2 based functionality can be easily added later on. Regional QR payment standards like QR Platba can be used at the beginning. Whatever poster generation service like PosterMyWall can be used for it. iBeaconsLinkRay or other more convenient technology for data transfers from a poster to a mobile phone can be also added later.


The key question is, why the people shall use it. The answer is simple, imagine that you are at the music festival, hockey match or restaurant at the mountain resort, free WiFi is available and two queues, the long one with normal ordering and payments and second one much shorter with just picking up the drings and food already ordered and paid. What would you do?

Interested? Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss details.


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