Trade Fairs as Start of Your Customers Journey

Trade Fairs as Start of Your Customers Journey
04. 11. 2018

Bind Digital Posters with Customer Mobiles and Reach Your Goals – Example: B2B Fair and Showroom Solution

B2B business is usually done face to face. If people meet, they can quickly understand each other and build the trust. You have invested money, time and effort into your presence at fairs and showrooms. How digital posters can improve the efficiency of the investment?

Do you have thousands of products in portfolio and only small booth at an imporant industry event? Can the access to whatever product detail forward your sales force or customers to the purchase? Is it important to continue in the purchasing dialog also after the event as your typical sales cycle lasts months or years?

Digital posters with touch functionality open you the access to unlimited content. Simple QR code or interactive transmitters supported by mobile application offered by fair organizer interlink the digital poster with customers’ mobiles. This enables you to target customers with the appropriate messages also after the first interaction.

So you combine digital online & point of sales (POS) communicatiton in a consistent way. Look how it can work.

JDDI B2B Fair And Showroom - Schema

The content of the B2B Fair and Showroom digital poster solution could looks like below. It consists from pages Current OffersCatalogueE-shopEdutainment game. It is really as easy as it is looks like…

Jansen DIsplay Digital - B2B Fair and Showroom Solution

Example of “B2B Fair and Showroom
Digital Poster Solution

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