Discover the Value Digital Posters at Unexpected Places – Funeral Halls

Discover the Value Digital Posters at Unexpected Places – Funeral Halls
16. 10. 2018

The beauty and the evil of technologies is in their usage at unexpected places. Let’s listen to the story of digital posters … in funeral halls.

At some stage of life, people start to loose. The nearest, grandma, uncle, friends, others. And doing a farewell right is important.

In that sense, the funeral scene from Love Actually film is initiating.

How digital posters can help? Pretty easily. The important moments from the life of deceased can be reminded by a set of pictures or videos displayed with a selected music in a funeral hall at an appropriate device.

The preparation of this set can be introduced as a new service of funeral service providers i.e. new source of revenue for them. They can even offer the creation of personal set in advance, before someone’s death.

Are you interested in this idea? It is easy to find funeral halls in your country. You can find them as list of members of particular assotiation,  as companies at the right category of public company list. So you can offer them the solution directly.

Last but not least. Use this as an example how digital posters can bring the value in unexpected situations. Try to find these as you can be the first one. And the first ones win pretty often in these days.

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