Edutain with Digital Posters. We haven’t born to be bored.

Edutain with Digital Posters. We haven’t born to be bored.
10. 12. 2018

Digital posters at public spaces can promote goods and services or publish useful information like departure times. Nevertheless they can also entertain or educate – at shopping malls, hospital waiting rooms, train stations or airports, counter service cafeterias, cafés etc. Sending the link to content you have been interested in to your mobile can be the gate to the further dialog with you.

Types of Edutainment Content

So what types of the content can edutain on the digital posters?

Examples of the edutainment content to be show on digital posters

The content can be provided by the existing services like Google Art, FlickrGeniusPoetizer, Khan Academy or some smaller but more flexible challengers like , The content shall be provided in a “digital signage compliant” form.

How it can look like

  1. You can just passivelly show the selected curated content. It can betailored to the period of year, weather, geography, target groups of your visitors, black list of topics etc.
Edutainment Content At Digital Posters - Painintgs

The painting provided by GetDailyArt shown
as non-hard sell content at shopping mall
can improve the customer satisfaction

2. You can enable people to interact. You invite the to “like” the content to receive the feedback about which type of content is appreciated and which not. You can provide the “Send me link” functionality – via QR Code, ibeacon, SMS or email to entered contact details. The later options enables you to ask for contact details to send further information later in GDPR compliant way.

3. You can interlink the edutainment content with promotial one. Examples:

  • The ingredients for the recipes shown are ready as packages to be bought at the nearest  supermarket,
  • The paintings show can promote the gallery the picture is presented in, even nearest flights to the town the gallery is places in can be offered, yes with the “Send me the link” or “Order the flight / weekend” buttons too.
  • The same is possible for photos etc.

From Passive to Active Manner

It is not about showing the content only. You can offer visitors to actively  play the virtual piano, draw sketches at online sketch tool, play online games, calculate etc.

Digital Posters - Let People Play PianoVirtual piano to be shown on digital poster and played

Are you interested? Contact us, we help you to find the right devices and content for you.


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