How To Sell Digital Signage Solutions

How To Sell Digital Signage Solutions
04. 11. 2018

Selling to End Users

There are different target groups  on the digital posters / digital signage / large format displays / public displays / digital communication at point of sale market. Lets us focus on the end users i.e. enterprises, small and medium businesses (SMBs) and public institutions as they will pay the bills at the end.

It doesn’t matter if your are :

  • Owner or manager searching for a new ways to move your company further, who needs to excite the team to exploit the opportunity,
  • Employee in marketing, operations, IT etc. who needs to convince bosses to invest into new technology,
  • Salesman at some supplier who needs to convince the end users.

In all three cases you need to discover the real business value of digital posters for the particular company or institution. This value will justify the costs and time spent. The higher value is perceived, the larger investment can be done.

General Benefits

The benefits of the digital posters for end users can be expressed in this way:

  1. Show more – Single screen can show various messages during time
  2. Be Quick – From idea to content presentation within minutes, not weeks
  3. Tell Better – Videos/animations attract attention and tell stories, bring emotions and explain details
  4. Interact – Show your customers “everything” – complete sortiment, product details, “how to manuals”, gather feedback, automate processes … when you are ready for it.

It useful to have in mind that two groups of people can be defined while working with these benefits, DOers and THINKers. DOers are not worse or better than THINKers. They are just different. Your success is based on understanding, who is sitting at the second side of your table.

Selling to DOers

DOers are people focused on action. As only the action brings the results. Discussion with them can be pretty straightforward:

  • Listen, digital posters will bring you more money as they enable you to show more messages on a single device, each message at the right time, if you have an idea what to promote, message can be seen everywhere even in minutes. Video enables you to explain complex things. Touch enables to you to lead the real dialog in electronic way on point of sale. Are you interested?
  • Wow, super. How much does it costs?
  • We focus on the good price/performance ratio. Ready to use Digital A-board costs 1500 EUR, touch totem starts at 2500 EUR.
  • Super, let me deliver one piece. We will investigate the real possibilities by using it and we will learn what we really need for the future.

We provide Easy Start sets – ready to use sets of professional screens in closures for DOers. You just plug the device to the electricity, upload content and that’s it.

Selling to THINKers

THINKers are slightly more complicated. They want to understand, how the things work, how they can be used in their context, what are dependencies, consequences, future options. It is usually necessary to define discover the real benefits for the particular customer of this type. The minus is, it takes time. The plus is that final investment can be large, impactful and successful. In order to do that, you must map:

  1. Content which he/she needs to promote or can/want to promote
  2. Places where he/she does the promotion or want /can do promotion.
  3. Outcomes brought by the digital posters.

You can obtain the information by asking the questions having the customers’ industry on mind. The discussion with the sales director of some B2B Manufacturing company could looks like this.

SITUATION QUESTIONS – Content and places for promotion

  • How many of products do you have in catalog? – Hundreds.
  • Is it difficult for your sales people to know all the information about all the products and news? – Sure, I fight with this all the time.
  • Do you have some premium products? – Yes, sure.
  • Is it necessary to show these premium products in reality or at least at good videos or pictures or case studies to let customers understand their value i.e. higher price? – Yes, exactly.
  • Do you have some customers which are interested in product details like mechanical drawing, instructions to install? – Sure. We have some of these technical buddies.
  • Do you have some show rooms or offices? – Yes, we have showroom at factory and small offices in Prague, London, Barcelona, Koln, Warshaw?
  • Do you participate in some industry exhibitions? – Yes, one big large each two years. and several smaller country-level events per year.

BENEFIT QUESTIONS – Impact of using digital posters at customer

  • Cool, listen, what if even just the SINGLE screen, placed at your showroom, office at exhibitions, which: promotes all your new products and especially premium one, new campaigns, customer stories or company mission and values?
    lets your customers and salespeople access whatever information about whatever product in your portfolio – promotion video, detail pictures, instruction to maintain and use, technical documents, mechanical drawings – in a second?
    and you will be able to update the content just at several clicks?
  • Hmmm. It sounds interesting.

We have various topics in our blog as an inspiration for thinkers. Take into account that a screen and a closure is usually not enough for more complex solutions. You well need the appropriate partners for that, so having the right network of contacts helps.

Good luck in your effort!

Feel free to contact us even if you are DOer or THINker ;-).


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