How to Improve “Marketing – Sales” Cooperation with Digital Posters

How to Improve “Marketing – Sales” Cooperation with Digital Posters
05. 11. 2018

More Effective “Marketing – Sales” Collaboration

The topic “how to improve marketing and sales collaboration” is eternal. Digital posters available at the point of sale can greatly help.

Imagine that you have closures or stands with large screens and touch function at showrooms, exhibitions or events.

Thanks to them both the customers or salemen can access virtually any content about whatever your product, even though you have thousands of them, including:

  1. promotional visuals or video product – from which it can be one click to get eg. For more information about the offered product
  2. path to product in the store – deliberately not used the word map, place dry from the top, which knows no problems 5% of the population, we can offer such. animated journey across specific sales
  3. technical sheet – with all possible details including drawings
  4. guidance on choice within a category – type “How to choose a refrigerator”
  5. manual – mandatory instructions for the product and general useful content in the spirit of “content marketing”, ie. eg. video tutorial “How to ride a line skates’
  6. maintenance instructions – not only as a compulsory text, but also Video guide

Equally here you can access information about all ongoing promotions, additional services and other information. The device can serve as a service point for your loyalty program or serve to gain customer satisfaction with the store. Such a facility then becomes a place for:

  • self-service of the customer in situations where sales staff are few and / or difficult to train, this may be the way to provide a service distinct from competition,
  • assisted dialogue between the customer and the shop staff, when staff can make a customer content from his / her primary general interest to detailed questions about a specific product prior to purchase,
  • employee training – employees can go through the news at larger screens placed at their working area before or after opening hours .

In other words, digital communication at the point of sale can be your significant an ally in achieving corporate goals. Whether you are on the side of marketing or business, or shops.

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