It’s Important to Start. Also with the Digital Posters.

It’s Important to Start. Also with the Digital Posters.
22. 11. 2018

Do you want to speak Spanish? Open your own business? As every motivation expert will tell you, the most important is to start. With small steps, but start.

The same is valid for the discovery of potential of digital posters – called also digital signage devices, public displays or large format displays – for your business or businesses of your clients.

Start Easily 

Can be the first step done really easily? Yes, of course. Professional screens are able to play pictures and videos or show the content of your eshop themselves. They can be bought in the appropriate closures as “digital posters”. You just plug them into power, upload the content from USB stick or set the web address and  you are live. Not IT support is necessary.

Jansen Display Digital - Digital Poster in food store - promoting what is hot today.,
Digital poster at the food store – promoting what is hot today

Grow Gradually

You can add the complexity “as you go”:

  • Distribute more targeted content, e.g. schedule tailored content for morning / afternoon / weekend offers.
  • Connect screens to network and manage content from the headquarters.
  • React quickly on events. offer, for example, waterproof boots when you know that it will rain in some region.
  • Plan such promotions automatically according to the weather forecast.
  • On the contrary, cancel the promotion automatically at stores where the goods are out of stock.
  • Let the artificial intelligence test the most suitable visual variants.
  • etc etc.

The point is that you needn’t to through away anything, you just start to use functionality, which was hidden at the beginning.

So, we are looking forward to digital posters in Spanish at your stores, restaurants, guesthouses, warehouses, town halls… 😉

Contact us, we help you to discover the power of digital posters for your company or your clients.

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